How the people in your neighborhood get groceries.

For shoppers

Everything you need to start, run, and grow your own personal shopping business. This is more than a gig, it’s your company.

You set your own prices, keep 100% of your tips, and get earnings deposited after every order.
You choose your clients, set your schedule, and make decisions about where you shop.
You work for you, not for us - so you decide how to promote your business and service your clients.
We'll keep your credit card loaded, provide ground support, and keep building you the best technology.

Need groceries?

The personal, ethical, and local way to get groceries to your door. Commit to a shopper you know and trust.

Give your loyalty to a local business owner, instead of an algorithm.
Save time and money with access to any local store, and no hidden price markups (ever).
Choose to schedule your grocery deliveries around your life instead of only on-demand.
Get treated like a human, not just a gig to get done.


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Start your own personal grocery shopping business.