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Start your own grocery delivery business

When it comes to grocery delivery, we know that the Personal Shopper matters.

So, everything we do is built to support you and help your business thrive.

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What We Offer

Dumpling is a shared platform that provides the app technology, payment processing, lead generation, back office support, and business coaching from expert Personal Shoppers- all to help you run your own grocery delivery business.

dumpling provides personal marketing website and client apps to run your personal shopping and delivery business

Dumpling Apps & Webpage

The Boss app allows you to run your business on your terms & the Dumping app lets your clients place orders and pay securely for orders from almost any store.

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Real business owner success

"Dumpling is my main income. Running my own business allows me to lookout for my own health and mental state. Creating my own flexible schedule means I can take a day off when I need to."

dumpling business owner earns money with personal shopping grocery delivery business


Cindy Shops

Los Angeles

"I’m making almost as much as I was at Disney after 17 years there. Sometimes I'm shocked at how much money I'm making."

dumpling business owner earns money with personal shopping grocery delivery business


Deliveries by Dee

Orlando, FL

"If you want to start your own personal shopping business, then dumpling is the way to go! It's easy for customers to schedule your services, and it offers powerful tools for the shopper."

dumpling business owner earns money with personal shopping grocery delivery business


BW Personal Shopper

Greater Cincinnati, OH

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Benefits of Business Ownership

Reap the benefits of what you put into your business.We believe that your business should fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your personal financial goals.

earn more

Earn more

Average earnings for Business Owners across the entire Dumpling platform is over $35 per order.

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Flexible schedule

Repeat clients and scheduled deliveries allow you to plan your schedule out ahead of time.

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Set your own pricing

Control what you earn by setting a pricing structure that works for your business.

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Choose your customers

Find clients who are the best fit for your business & build trusting relationships with them.

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Shop where you want to

The Dumpling Boss credit card works at any grocery store that accepts VISA.

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No grocery item markups

Customers pay in-store prices and receive the store receipt upon delivery.

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